The terms and conditions set forth here are the Membership Terms and Conditions (“Membership Terms and Conditions”) referenced in NeueHouse Member Agreement and House Rules (all of these together forming the “Agreement”). Unless otherwise specified, all capitalized terms used here have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the NeueHouse Member Agreement or House Rules, as applicable. NeueHouse may make changes to these Membership Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion, and will make every effort to send notice to you via email to the email address set forth on the cover page of your NeueHouse Member Agreement for that Member or by other means. Any such changes will become effective when such changes are sent to you or on such later date as may be specified by NeueHouse.

You acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I. Membership Fees and Charges

The same Membership Fee will apply to each renewal term of the Membership.

If you fail to pay any Membership Fees or other charges on time, your privileges will be suspended until your account is brought current. If you repeatedly fail to pay or make payment late of any Membership Fees or other charges, NeueHouse may terminate your Membership immediately upon notice to you, and all Members on your account will also be terminated, notwithstanding any other provision herein. NeueHouse will have no obligation to refund any Membership Fees or other amounts, even if you don’t use your Membership or terminate it before the end of the then-current term. You agree to pay any sales, use, value-added and other taxes or governmental charges related to the Membership or any other products or services provided by NeueHouse, other than any income taxes of NeueHouse. You are responsible for removing your personal property prior to the termination of your Membership; following any termination, NeueHouse will have no obligation with respect to any property remaining on the NeueHouse premises.

When you return your NeueHouse Member card, NeueHouse will refund the reservation deposit (described in the Member Agreement) to you within forty-five (45) days of the termination date, subject to your complete satisfaction of your obligations set forth in the Agreement, including these Membership Terms and Conditions. NeueHouse has no duty to maintain the reservation deposit in an escrow or interest bearing account and such funds will be available for use by NeueHouse for the duration of your Membership. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to any interest on the reservation deposit. If you wish to change your Membership Level to one(s) carrying higher monthly fees, you agree to deposit with NeueHouse such additional funds (to be a part of the reservation deposit) in an amount necessary so that the reservation deposit shall at all times be equal to one month’s Membership Fee. You acknowledge that the purpose of the reservation deposit is to serve as an incentive to you to vacate the House when required hereunder and leave it in an acceptable condition (as required hereunder). To ensure that the full reservation deposit amount is on hand at all times during the Membership term, you agree to deliver to NeueHouse upon its request any amount necessary to restore the full amount of your reservation deposit following any draw that NeueHouse has previously made on your reservation deposit. In the event that you have previously paid a reservation fee requested by NeueHouse, that fee will be applied to your reservation deposit.

II. Termination of Membership by NeueHouse

NeueHouse may terminate your Membership at any time upon five (5) days’ prior written notice (or immediately as specified in the Agreement) to Member, if in NeueHouse’s sole discretion you commit a material breach of the Membership House Rules, or Membership Terms and Conditions. Sections I, II, VI, VII, VIII, X and XI shall survive any termination or expiration of the Membership Terms and Conditions. Additionally, you or NeueHouse may cancel the Membership at any time by providing 60 days’ written notice.

III. House Access; Maintenance

NeueHouse will use its good faith efforts to provide you with the furnished space or workstations applicable to the Membership Level you’ve subscribed to. NeueHouse reserves the right to reduce or increase the location, size or configuration of this space from time to time; provided, however, that in the event this space is decreased, the associated Membership Fees shall be appropriately reduced. NeueHouse will attempt to notify you in advance should any such changes be necessary.

NeueHouse and its designees shall, at all times, have access to all areas of the House, including those being used by you, with or without notice to you, including, but not limited to, for purposes of maintenance, safety, security or emergency, and may temporarily or permanently move you to alternative space and/or workstations, and remove or replace parts and components of the House.

The House will be maintained by NeueHouse in good functional condition, provided, however, that NeueHouse shall not be responsible for damage exceeding normal wear and tear caused by your acts and omissions or the acts and omissions of your employees, agents, visitors or invitees.

House hours of operation may vary. NeueHouse has the right to amend House hours of operation at any time and will provide notice of such change via email to your email address set forth on the cover page of the NeueHouse Member Agreement.

You acknowledge and agree that in order to receive certain services (including, but not limited to, access to the network, shared printing, etc.), you must install in its equipment certain drivers and software to be provided by NeueHouse and/or its designee. Printing (black and white, and color), bandwidth and certain other resources made available to Members (collectively, “Resources”) are included in the Membership Fees. NeueHouse reserves the right to monitor your usage of the Resources. If NeueHouse determines, in its sole discretion, that you are using more than a reasonable quantity of any Resource, then NeueHouse will notify you of such use. If you do not adequately reduce or remediate your excess usage of a particular Resource, the cost of this excess usage will be billed to your account, in addition to any other remedies NeueHouse may have. NeueHouse is not responsible to monitor any content that you download or upload via the House network and your use of such content shall be at your own risk. As a condition of use of such services, you, on behalf of yourself and on behalf of your employees, agents, and invitees, waive any claim or action against NeueHouse, its employees, members, affiliates, and any person acting on behalf of NeueHouse or its affiliates arising from or in conjunction with the installation and/or use of any software and/or drivers installed or made available to you by NeueHouse. You may not resell, lease, license or distribute any of the services, drivers or software provided to you to any third party without the prior written consent of NeueHouse.

NeueHouse provides onsite tech support. You acknowledge that the use of such tech support is done at your own risk.

IV. Use of the Premises

You are entitled to use the House solely as general office space in the conduct of your business and for no other use whatsoever. Office space use of a retail, medical, or other nature involving visits by the public is not permitted.

Regular use of the House is limited to Members. If you have a Membership for a company with more than one person, each person is a Member of NeueHouse. If any person leaves or joins the company, you are responsible to update your records with the NeueHouse membership group whenever these changes occur so that NeueHouse may maintain up to date records on each Member.

Each Member who works in a dedicated office environment with a lockable door will be issued a key to access it. Additional or replacement keys are available at cost.

Each Member is issued a Membership card. Replacement cards are available at cost.

You agree not to bring additional furniture, appliances, furnishings or decorations into the House or install satellite or microwave antennas, dishes, cabling, technology or telecommunications lines in the House without the prior written consent of NeueHouse. Such consent may be withheld at NeueHouse’s sole and absolute discretion.

Member acknowledges that carts, dollies, and other freight items may not be used in the passenger elevator except by appointment made with the General Manager of your NeueHouse, at their discretion.

You agree not to store any of your property or materials in common areas or hallways, other than in the assigned or rented storage cabinets that may be assigned to you.

NeueHouse may, at times, prohibit Members from accessing portions of the Library or Gallery for programming or private event purposes.